Why Uber is a Great Company

08 Apr Why Uber is a Great Company

It’s likely you’ve heard of this thing called Uber. It’s an app for transportation; transportation of yourself, your friends, colleagues, or whomever. Back in 2009, Uber was founded for the main purpose: to provide a great, cheaper, and better taxi alternative. Uber rates are quite often cheaper than a traditional taxi ride (not inclusive of the surge pricing that happens in many areas), and the experience is usually much more exquisite than that of a taxi ride. Why Uber is successful:

  • It’s Convenient
  • Prices Are Affordable
  • Easy to Use


Many types of people use Uber to get around; drunks who realize the danger of driving drunk, traveling musicians, businessmen &¬†businesswomen, actors &¬†actresses, and regular old Joe’s just trying to get around. I personally use Uber to get around as it’s a cost-effective choice for myself. I don’t go out much, so why would I pay $400/month or more for gas, insurance, and the like, when I can pay less than $170/month to do some basic local traveling?

Now, beyond the convenience, great prices and ease of use, the customer support that Uber provides is fabulous! For the few times I’ve had issues with Uber, they’ve always corrected the issue by taking my feedback, and either refunding the money spent to my card, or giving me a credit for my next Uber ride. When your product or service is so good and your prices are reasonable, and your customer service is fabulous, you know you are going somewhere.

But that’s not all. Uber is trying to expand their market by not just transporting people, but also food. Can you imagine instead of waiting 30 minutes for that delicious pizza, you could just wait 15? Also, imagine the ease for the companies subcontracting delivery work to Uber, they could possibly cut prices on delivery and eliminate the idea of tips by slightly increasing the delivery charge, but still keeping the overall price (that normally a tip would be involved) lower.

Who knows, Uber may be the next Google. Or, perhaps, Google may buy Uber and expand further. Here’s hoping.