Paid or Organic Marketing?

31 Mar Paid or Organic Marketing?

Ah, what a brilliant question this article title has presented us with, which I am sure you’re wondering the answer to, hence why you’re here. Let’s begin. So, what is organic marketing? What is paid marketing? Organic marketing is the method of providing a product or service (hopefully one that is both desired and is of great quality) and it growing by the virality of it; being that people share it with their friends, and their friends share it, and the piece just goes on and on. Alternatively, organic marketing can be forced in the sense of online marketing where articles or pages are shared and backlinks of the article/page creator are manually done. In this fashion, it is grey-hat/black-hat SEO, meaning that Google does not favour this, and you can be penalised for it. Paid marketing is obviously where you pay for a spot in advertising such as a magazine, on a billboard, or in the digital world you can pay for Facebook or Google ads. There are numerous other ways to advertise your business online, but these two are the ones we will focus on.

Now, let’s compare organic to paid:

Advantages to Organic:

  • It’s organic! Who doesn’t love that?
  • Google loves it
  • It’s often long term

Disadvantages to Organic:

  • It’s time-consuming


Advantages to Paid:

  • Often it can help your organic marketing
  • You can target your audience better
  • Quicker results

Disadvantages to Paid:

  • Can get very monetarily costly


Types of Paid Marketing

As previously mentioned, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the primary forms of paid marketing. However, these two offer very different outcomes and have different tools to each for tracking, targeting, and purpose. Facebook marketing is for brands, Google ads are for anything, but mostly services. For instance, a Facebook ad would be very useful to promote an event like a concert, and target people interested in the concert’s genre of music. In the opposite, if someone needs their water heater fixed, they are not going to go to Facebook. They’re going to Google it, and this is the perfect time to put yourself out there; when they’re looking for you, or someone like you.

Be sure to think about your marketing, who you’re trying to target, and the most cost-effective way to target them, or you may end up in the hole, and possibly in debt.