Do I Need Marketing?

01 Apr Do I Need Marketing?

What Is Marketing?

You often may find yourself at a crossroads between wanting to spend money on marketing, and just hoping that your business can be successful without marketing. Believe it or not, you likely are already doing marketing if you tell people about your business in any fashion, whether by word of mouth, posting on social media, if you own a website, or otherwise have put in work to make your business more visible; that is marketing. The only difference is that marketing without concistency and constant marketing, will often fail, and thereby your goal to grow your business will fail.

Do I Really Need It?

Well, by definition, the purpose of marketing is to grow your business. Being that you’ve likely already done some form of marketing, you can almost be certain that what you’ve done has helped your business in some fashion. Do you need it? More than likely. Do you want it? I would hope so! There are some businesses that have closed their doors to new customers. Although this is not wrong if they believe anything more is simply not possible, but it is definitely the wrong mentality for a business designed to grow.

So, What Do I Do?

Depending on your type of business and its associated industry, you may or may not find yourself exploring different types of marketing like social marketing, alongside SEO marketing, paid advertising on billboards, airing commercials, or handing out flyers. All of these marketing methods can be effective to some degree, but you always want to choose the best one that will benefit your business the most without spending as much, of course, being cost-effective. You may want to review tips on whether you should choose paid or organic marketing.

How Can I Grow My Business?

  • Be open to new ideas. It’s often those new, and sometimes odd, ideas that can grow your business by the multiples.
  • Explore all types of marketing. You know know what may or may not work.
  • Hire professionals to do the work, and/or hire a consultant. The reason these people are professionals is the obvious; they know marketing and therefore can help you maximize your profits.
  • Observe other business’ marketing (ones in your industry) – this can give a major clue as to what’s successful and what’s not.
  • Build relationships. Healthy and strong relationships with your clients will make them want to share your business with people they know.


What If It Doesn’t Work?

Sometimes your ideas simply don’t work. As a child, you might think that putting your tongue on a 9-volt battery would give you energy. You soon found out that idea doesn’t work. You, as a business owner, just have to accept that it doesn’t work, and to not try that idea again – or at least for the time-being.

What More to Know?

Every business is different. What works in one business may not work in the other, even if they are in the same industry. Sadly, sometimes, you just have to spend time and money figuring out what works for your business, and then moving forward with that.